About Us

The ObiolaRose Twin Angels Foundation is a non-profit organization founded to offer support to parents of premature and sick infants in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) or through infant loss, as well as to help NICU’s in need.

From the Founder 

The Story Of Obiola  And OlaRose

olarose1-resizedObiolaRose Twin Angels Foundation is a vision originated by a neonatal pediatrician who had a high risk twin pregnancy, developing severe pre-eclampsia at 21 weeks with life-threatening complications. She chose not to terminate the life of her pre-viable twins as medically advised despite risks of potentially severe life-threatening complications to her and high probability that the babies would not survive. She lay in the hospital for weeks, in a bid to continue the pregnancy, praying that her babies OlaRose and Obiola would grow bigger and stronger. She had great support from family and friends who prayed for them.

In the womb, Obiola took care of his sister, OlaRose, as she was sicker. She had little or no blood flow through her placenta, andas their mother lay in the labor and delivery ward, Obiola lay on top of OlaRose for 6 weeks to keep her warm. When she was weak and her heart slowed, his would often beat strongly with hers as one. Twice on the ultrasound , he was seen kicking her chest with his feet when she stopped breathing and she would  breathe again.

Eventually as the twins’ condition declined, they were born. OlaRose was born weighing 1 pound (470g) and Obiola was 1 pound, 7.5ozs (675g). He died seven days later as his mother and sister got better; but his heroic tale of how he saved his sister and mother lives on.

Throughout OlaRose’s stay in the nicu, being the smallest baby there, no-one thought she would make it, but family and friends prayed earnestly to God for her survival; with her mother often seeking the intercession of Obiola, asking him to continue his job of taking care of her. Asking God to protect her from all the dangers and ailments of prematurity; that no hair on her will be harmed; that she may come home healthy and whole. She did come home healthy and whole; and cruised through the NICU unharmed. She pulled out her endotracheal tube herself disconnecting herself from the ventilator at 10 days of age (still one pound in weight ) and started breathing on her own; she was on full breast milk via tube feeds by three weeks of age; and she was on full bottle feeds by two and half months of age. She had no sepsis, no IVH, no ROP, no NEC; and did not come home on a monitor or oxygen.

OlaRose stayed 3 months in the nicu before coming home. She had  been given little or no chance of survival and was at extremely great risk of  death and severe neuro-developmental disability, if she ever survived. She is now a healthy, beautiful  2 year old with no disability.

ObiolaRose Twin Angels Foundation is one mother’s passion to ignite the community to come together to give a human face to the often neglected world of prematurity, infant morbidity and mortality. She continues to work in a  NICU taking care of premature infants and lending support to families.