Our Vision

  • olarose-clappingTo lend support to families with high risk pregnancies before and after the birth of their baby and especially while the baby is still in the nicu; and provide mothers with high risk pregnancies and mothers of infants in the nicu with informational resources about relevant medical conditions leading to premature birth and about neonatal diseases.
  • To introduce and maintain programs that provide practical social and emotional support materials to families while their infant is in the intensive care unit and during the transition home (like baby clothing and soft toys, My NICU Baby Journal for Mom’s to record their journey; ObiolaRose Twin Angels NICU bed signs – a fun, colorful, and helpful way for parents to communicate with staff about their baby’s unique needs or likes).                                                                                                                                                                   
  • To offer emotional support to grieving families who have suffered an infant loss and help families through the loss of a child in the nicu through our books and poetry, support materials, and online support group.
  • To provide community awareness of the world of prematurity and the emotional struggles and needs of families of premature infants through our website, educational materials, children’s books and poetry (inspired by the founder’s experience in the nicu), ObiolaRose Twin Angels online blogs for parents, extended family, and advocates; as well as community outreach programs.
  • To serve as advocates for the infants and their families and bring together the nicu staff and the patient’s family to view each other as a partnership in the care of premature and sick babies by providing useful parent information and educational materials  during the nicu stay, as well as communicating as needed with medical team in the nicu and after discharge.
  • To support the needs of neonatal intensive care units (nicus) in less privileged environments, like rural areas of Africa and Asia.